Who are we?

UMSU International is the official representative body for all international students at the University of Melbourne. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate, whether you study abroad or are an exchange student, we are your voice on campus! 🌏💙

We provide representation, peer support and events such as International Brekkie, Night Market, and PR/Visa Workshop. We also advocate for international students, primarily through our International Student Survey (find the 2022 and 2023 ISS Reports here). 


UMSU International Committee 2023/2024

Executive Committee:

President:  Richard HA

Vice-President (Education & Welfare):  Robertus Jonathan INDRADJAJA

Vice-President (Cultural & Social):  Christian VALERIAN

Vice-President (Media & Marketing):  Madeline SUTANTO (Maddy)

General Secretary:  Yhi Zhen LIM (Ethan)

Treasurer:  Jeslyn TANDYAJAYA


Central Committee:

Welfare Director:  Ying Yu CHEN (Danielle)

Education Director:  Andrea MAKATITA

Media & Marketing Director:  Tanveen KAUR

Human Resources Director:  Wun Tung LAM (Cherry)

Partnership & Sponsorship Director:  Xinyuan WANG (Cynthia)

Welfare Officers:
Yuxuan LIU (Linda)
Soudaphone SITTHIXAY (Planet)
Nikita GOYAL

Education Officers:
Natasya Jestine WIRAATMAJA
Rachel ZHOU
Zijia ZHOU (Gia)

Cultural & Social Officers:
Chenxi SONG (Vicky)
Yuen Jie NG (Jason)
Christopher MINN

Media & Marketing Officers:
Jesslyn Alexis ANDRIONO

Human Resources Officer:
Luong Hien TAM (Tam)

Partnership & Sponsorship Officer:
Angelina PENG



Vision & Mission 

Our Vision

For University of Melbourne International Students to be integrated in the student community and feel like they're at home! 

Our Mission

Care for, stand for, act for international students



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Our Departments


The Education team works to improve students’ academic experience and prepare students for the workforce through amazing workshops and campaigns. 



The Welfare department is in charge of the wellbeing of students by raising awareness and increasing accessibility to resources. Essentially, the Welfare department is in charge of making sure that international students are happy and healthy! 


Cultural and Social

The Cultural and Social department is the team behind our iconic cultural and social events including Amazing Race, Food Adventure, Night Market and many more!  


Media and Marketing

The Media and Marketing department is responsible for all of UMSU International’s designs, promotions, and publicity. If you engage with our social media pages, you are looking at the proud work of the Media and Marketing department! 


Partnership and Sponsorship

The Partnership and Sponsorhsip department is centered around liaising and building connections with sponsors and clubs within the University of Melbourne. If you have any collaboration or partnership enquiries/requests, you can get into contact with the Partnership and Sponsorship team! 


Human Resource

The Human Resource department is in charge of anything manpower-related, including recruiting and managing the International Student Ambassador (ISAs).